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December 22, 2008

A Note From Maria Sedmak

A Slovenian, Klemen Žumer, is coming to Cleveland and would like to speak to young Slovenians about what Slovenia and being a part of the EU can do for you. He is an adviser in the European Parliament (and only 28 years old) and has been living in Brussels for the past 4 years. He will only be here for 3 days, to better know about the Slovenian community in Cleveland, so this is a one time chance to learn more about Slovenia in Europe as a whole and ask any questions you'd like answered. Here is a blurb he wrote to promote this meeting...

Slovenian citizenship today carries many advantages for its holders. Many more in fact than even a few years ago!

Today, Slovenia is an equal part of the European Union, which comprises 27 European countries and 500 million people. There are no borders on highways from Ljubljana to Paris, from Madrid to Berlin. The education systems are interlinked and mutually recognised, Slovenian students in the UK for example are treated as English in terms of enrolment fees and scholarships. A business opened by a Slovenian has legal rights in all EU countries. EU uses the same insurance regulations and Slovenian drivers license looks the same as all other EU countries, it is just in the Slovenian language. If you are Slovenian you need no visas to work in countries like the UK, Spain, Luxembourg or France, to mention a few. 

I am 28 old Slovenian from Ljubljana and for the past four years an adviser in the European Parliament. I invite you to join me as I present the opportunities that the new EU offers to its citizens. If you ever thought about studying, visiting or living in Slovenia or in Europe, come and ask any questions. I will also connect you to my friends - your peers in Europe so you can get in touch by email as well. 

You don't need to speak Slovenian, but it will be a great asset!