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Friday, 02 July 2010 00:00

More than 190 countries and around 50 international organisations are taking part in this year's EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. Among them is Slovenia, with its own pavilion and the theme of the Open Book. The chosen theme and overall concept of the Slovenian presentation tie in with the selection of Ljubljana as this year's UNESCO World Book Capital.


The Slovenian pavilion

The exterior of the Slovenian pavilion symbolises a stack of books on shelves, which at dusk turns into a modern city of lights. On entering the pavilion, visitors are greeted by a colourful interior. The changing colours give the pavilion a special character and attractiveness. By the entrance visitors can pick up a copy of an essay entitled The Time of the End of Time by Slovenian philosopherSlavoj Žižek

The floor design features images of open books, while the upright edges of the seven books are decorated with the Slovenian alphabet, to draw attention to our specific form of writing. Book-shaped 'birds' hang from the ceiling. 

Visitors pass through seven books, some of which have display cabinets containing exhibits while others have video screens. All the books are additionally equipped with floor graphics showing images of the Slovenian countryside, brief text descriptions and a video presentation. Soft Slovenian music accompanies visitors on their way through the pavilion, conjuring up the atmosphere of the Slovenian countryside

The journey through seven 'books'

Inside the pavilion, the first book contains a replica of the famous green table lamp designed by the architect Jože Ple?nik, complemented by a replica of the Abecedarium, as an important document of Slovenian history. 

The second book is dedicated to modern Slovenian artists, designers, actors, etc. 

The third book presents Slovenian tourism via a DVD presentation featuring all the country's natural and other attractions and all the regions of Slovenia. 

The fourth book is dedicated to water and water transport. The accompanying video presentation focuses on water in Slovenia: rivers, lakes, the sea and watercraft.

The fifth book draws visitors' attention to Slovenia's unique Karst region. 

The sixth book is dedicated to living. The video presentation shows both modern architectural solutions in the Slovenian environment and the historical characteristics of the Slovenian countryside and regions.

The seventh and last book is dedicated to the Slovenian space pioneer Herman Poto?nik Noordung. The video presentation offers information about Herman Poto?nik Noordung and the age he lived in and looks at his ideas for space stations.

The Time of the End of Time

The number eight is a lucky number in China and in fact the Slovenian pavilion features eight stations or books.

The introductory book differs from the other seven and is situated at the pavilion entrance. It symbolises the book by Slavoj Žižek. Visitors can take away their own copy of his essay The Time of the End of Time, written especially for Slovenia's appearance at EXPO 2010.

Accompanying events

The visit by a group of kurents from Slovenia (members of the Kurent Society in Ptuj) was proof of how features specific to individual countries can attract numerous visitors and draw in passers-by. Slavoj Žižek's lecture to a packed hall demonstrated that accompanying events are an excellent way of promoting our country and are positively received by visitors.

Over 70 million visitors

The Expo runs for six months, from 1 May to 31 October, with over 70 million visitors expected during this time. 

The Slovenian pavilion received over 320,000 visitors in the first month. As the Expo continues, we will host many more performances of different kinds and receive several official delegations. The Slovenian pavilion expects to see around 1.5 to 2 million visitors. 

News, photographs, stories from the pavilion, a description of the pavilion concept, events and more are available on website, where you can also take a virtual stroll through the Slovenian pavilion and experience Shanghai from home!




Upcoming Events

. contact info:

U.S. Embassy Slovenia

Slovenian Embassy Washington DC

Festivals & Events in Slovenia

South Australia Newsletter

Festivals & Events in the USA & CANADA

July 11 (Fri) KSKJ St. John the Baptist #143, Joliet Matching Funds held in conjunction with other organizations at the Tailgate Event for the benefit of Daybreak, the Catholic facility that attends to those in need of food and shelter. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Tony Mravle at All are invited to attend and enjoy the food and activities at the Moose Lodge at 25 Springfield Ave. in Joliet.

JULY 11-13 The 33rd Slovenefest and the 58th Miss SNPJ Pageant at the SNPJ Recreation Center. For more information phone the SNPJ Recreation Center toll free at 1-877-767-5732.

July 13 (Sun) MZA Mission Picnic

July 13 (Sun) SNPJ Farm 75th Polka Party with the Casuals, Dinners include Slovenian sausage or roast beef, serving starts at 2:00 Music 3:00-7:00. Admission $7, under 18 free. Dinners $8 with sandwiches from $3.

July 14-20 Camp Pristava

July 19 (Sat) KSKJ St. Jerome #153  Strabane, Pennsylvania   9 a.m. to 12 noon Distribution of food at Canonsburg/Houston Food Pantry 112 W. Pike St. Canonsburg  Contact: Bevery Rosselle 724-873-0914 or

July 20 (Sun) St Vitus Parish Picnic at Slovenska Pristava  Fr Joseph Boznar, pastor, St. Vitus This year’s theme is “Alpine Experience.” A dinner of a variety of roasted chicken and/or roast beef will immediately follow the Mass. Cost is $14 adult and $7 child under 12 years-old. The Alpine Sextet Orchestra will perform for your listening and dancing pleasure. We are in the process to have a local folklore dance ensemble also perform in the afternoon.  After the dinner the kitchen will be open until 8PM serving side food dishes such as hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, etc., as well as having refreshments available throughout the entire afternoon. An open pit will have a specialty dish, Slovenian style “cevapcici,” after the dinner. Other activities will include: Special raffle.  Open swimming (nominal fee for non-members of Slovenska Pristava) in the new junior Olympic sized swimming pool at Pristava.  Children’s Interactive games.  Chinese craft raffle. Children’s games.  Contact Stan Kuhar:

July 21 (Mon) SNPJ Slovene Day at Kennywood Park

July 26(Sat) Slovenska Pristava Pool Party

July 26 (Sat) SNPJ Recreation Center 877-767-5732 Music 2-8pm Turcola-Kravos

July 26(Sat) The St. Clair Rifle and Hunting Club annual Steak Roast at the club grounds at 6599 Ravenna Road in Concord Township. Dinner will be served from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Music for your listening and dancing pleasure will be provided by the Veseli Godci.  Contact Bob Siers at (216) 408-9366. 

July 27(Sun) 50th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood of FRANC URBANIJA. Banquet follows 10:30 a.m. Mass  St. Mary's Parish Hall www.stmaryscollinwood.comDonation:  $15.

August 3 (Sun) Drugi (2nd) Picnic, Mass at 11:00 AM, Dinner at noon Music by Ansamble Veseljaki 1:00-5:00 Triglav Park 6464 South Loomis Road Norway, Wisconsin 53185

August 3 (Sun) Slovenska Pristava pensioneers picnic

August 3(Sun) Triglav Park Slovenian Community in the Greater Milwaukee Area:  Drugi (2nd) Picnic, Mass at 11:00 a.m., Dinner at noon. Music by Veseljaki 1:00-5:00.

August 3 (Sat) SNPJ Recreation Center 877-767-5732 Music 2-8pm Jack Vasko / Al-Ray

August 5 (Tue) Club Slovenia - Potluck Program Slovenian Hall 2101 Mariposa St San Francisco, CA 94107

August 7 - 9 KSKJ 28th National Convestion Walt Disney World Resort www.kskjlife.orgBringing together 120 years of history and leading our members is our newly elected Delegates and National Board. Our convention includes, guest speakers, training and development, member distinctions, honoring agents and much more. Music by the Cleveland based Joey Tomsick Orchestra

August 9 (Sat) SNPJ Recreation Center 877-767-5732 3pm-midnight  Mansfield 5 Don Wotila Eddie Rodick

August 10 (Sun) Primorski Klub piknik

August 9 (Sat) Saint Lawrence Feast Day at St. Mary’s in Collinwood. 5:00p.m. Mass followed by dinner.

August 10 (Sun) The Slovenian Catholic Center’s Annual Picnic and Raffle will be held on the grounds of St. Mary’s. The day will begin with 11:00 a.m. Mass, followed by a delicious luncheon of pork and lamb. Cevapcici will be served in the afternoon. Entertainment by Veseljaki. 630-243-0670

August 15-16 (Fri-Sat) St. Mary’s Parish Krofe Sale. Friday at 9:00; Sat. at 8:00.

August 17 (Sun) SNPJ Recreation Center 877-767-5732 Music 2-8pm Wayne Tomsic

August 17(Sun) Slovenian National Home on St. Clair Ave. 100th Anniversary Dinner Program. Info: Gerri Hopkins 216-361-5115.

August 17-19 SNPJ 30th Quadrennial Convention - The Plaza Resort & Spa Daytona Beach Florida.

August 17 (Sun) Slovenian National Home 100th Anniversary Dinner Program Gerri Hopkins 216-361-5115 Slovenian National Home 6417 St. Clair Ave

August 17 (Sun) St. Mary's Parish picnic

August 30 (Sat) Slovenska Pristava veselica www.slovenskapristava.orgl Special Guest Ansambel Donacka

August 30 (Sun) KRES Slovenian Folkdancing Group - 60th anniversary performance at the Slovenian National Home on St. Clair Ave. Contact president, Marija Rowane,

August 31 (Sat) SNPJ Recreation Center 877-767-5732 Music 2-8pm Joe Grkman Jack Tady

September 10 (Wed) Slovenian Sausage Festival at SNPJ Farm – noon to 8:00. Vote for Best Sausage Maker; dance to favorite polka bands; enjoy home cooking. (216-261-Fame)

September 14 (Sun) Vinska Trgatev (wine festival), NO MASS, Dinner at noon Music by Grant Kozera 1:00-5:00 Triglav Park 6464 South Loomis Road Norway, Wisconsin 53185

September 14 (Sun) Vinska Trgatec wine festival

September 20 (Sat) Slovenska Pristava CLAM JAM

September 20 (Sat) On Saturday evening, September 20, a gala dinner dance is to take place to salute the SNPJ Farm. The festivities close on Sunday, October 26, with a Polka Brunch. SNPJ Farm is located on Heath Road, off Chardon Road (Route 6) in Kirtland, Ohio, three miles
east of State Route 306. You can also rent SNPJ Farm for picnics, anniversaries and special events. For details, call (440) 256-3423 or (440) 943-1191

September 27(Sat) Oktoberfest in the parking lot of the Slovenian Cultural Center. 630-243-0670

September 27(Sat) The St. Clair Rifle and Hunting Club annual clam bake at their club grounds, 6599 Ravenna Road in Concord Township.  Clam bakes and steak dinners will be served from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.  The Jeff Pecon Orchestra will provide the musical entertainment for the evening. For tickets call Bob Siers at 216-408-9366.

September 28 (Sun) Club Slovenia - Grape Fest Slovenian Hall 2101 Mariposa St San Francisco, CA 94107

October 8(Tue) Club Slovenia meeting.  Slovenian Hall 2101 Mariposa St San Francisco, CA 94107

October 12 (Sun) Koline Pristava pensioners

October 18 (Sat) Please join us in celebrating Slovenska Pristava's first annual Oktoberfest! The event will be held in Lausche Lodge on Saturday, October 18, 2014. Authentic German foods, pretzels, pastry, and beer will be served, while the sounds of traditional polka music will fill the hall! More details to follow! Spread the word -- All are welcome!! PROST! NA ZDRAVJE!

October 26 (Sun) Slovenska Pristava annual meeting

November 4 (Tue) Club Slovenia meeting. Slovenian Hall 2101 Mariposa St San Francisco, CA 94107 www.slovenianhall

November 27-29 (Thur-Sat) Thanksgiving Polka Party Weekend – Downtown Cleveland Marriott Hotel.  Reserve hotel $105/night. Reserve tickets: Kollander Travel 216-692-1000 or go to: or at Polka Hall of Fame 216-261-FAME.

November 29(Sat) Annual Polka Awards Show. 2:00 p.m., New location: Downtown Cleveland Marriott Hotel. 

January 24, 2015 (Sat.) Pristavska No?.